Aerial Mapping & Photography: Sortie 103-303

Aerial mapping, photography, and geographical analysis is a critical service used in countless business and government applications. It can include wide-area surveying, topographical mapping, natural resource management, archaeological exploration, commercial & residential building planning, and almost any other project that can benefit from the “big picture” view that aerial surveying can provide.  

Business that use aerial mapping & photography services include everyone from large corporations to private individuals and many civil & government agencies.  Projects range from hundreds of miles of fibre-optic line layout to surveys of a single home or farm plots.  Most work is done with civil engineers, land surveyors, land developers, and government agencies. Tasks can include projects like utilities right-of-way acquisition planning, designing shopping centres and housing developments, creating roadways, laying gas and water lines, designing solar and wind farms, performing hydrology studies, assessing wildfire damage, mapping wildlife habitat, and so many other still-emerging applications. Even Google uses extensive aerial photography for its visual database of the world ‘Google Earth’.

The STEM Flights Aerial mapping and Photography sortie will introduce you to the basic principals of aerial mapping and photography with an on-line course of instruction.  Then you will plan and fly an actual mission that maps a specific target area for analysis.