Our STEM Flight Objective

STEM Flights UK  has ultimately been created to ‘meet a need’ and mirror the success of our US division, as according to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s report (2019) the UK alone will have to graduate over 100,000 STEM graduates every year, until 2040 just to meet the demand for qualified STEM graduates.

Programmes outside of the school classroom environment can help children to see that STEM is more than a ‘class-to-finish’ and show how topics impact our daily lives.

STEM Flights uses the cockpit of an aircraft to introduce STEM education and career paths to young adults. Pilot Mentors are paired with a student (& guardian) through our website application. 

Most STEM Flight students have never flown in a small airplane and their interest, attention, and participation is exceptional. We currently offer six Mission Areas to chooses from –and Schools are welcome to customize their own curriculum.