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Pilots over the past 40 years or so have worked hard to protect and preserve the freedoms of general aviation (GA) here in the UK, however  Significant challenges (not least the recent COVID-19 Pandemic) create many new barriers to the new pilots which makes getting into flying difficult for new pilots. 

Here at STEM Flights-UK we want to continue our legacy in the UK of being at the forefront of aviation and you can help by contributing your personal time or aircraft for the next generations to enjoy and help us to champion GA.  Each STEM Flight Student you set on the path to a technical or pilot career is an investment in this great Country.

It is only through the generosity of our sponsors and through private donations that we can accomplish our mission and help ensure that the UK keeps its technological edge in an ever increasingly competitive and contentious world. All STEM Flights work is performed by volunteers and 100% of donations are used to keep our aircraft and students flying.


We need current and qualified pilots who can volunteer flying time or classroom time. Sharing your experience and love of aviation is essential to the success of our mission. Our STEM Flight Pilot Mentors (PMs) are the key to successfully motivating our Students to pursue STEM and Pilot careers.  Their enthusiasm and professionalism will largely shape the Students interests in the next steps to a career.  It is imperative that our PM’s be the best pilots, very personable, and committed to seeing a Student through the program.  So, we are searching for a smaller and more select group of Pilots – not the oldest or most experienced – but the Best.


All aircraft donations support our missions either by directly becoming a part of our fleet or as an investment in our flight operations. 

​Additionally,  your tax deductible monetary donation can put a student in an aircraft for a STEM Flight or support logistics  for STEM Flights educators.

Each student STEM Flight including; pre-flight preparation, flying mission sortie & follow-up counseling, costs approximately £250 which is a small investment to potentially help change a life.

Ways To Donate: