Who We Are

The initial idea of STEM Flights was a concept that had been percolating in the mind of our founder, retired Brigadier General Dave Brubaker (Gen Bru) for many years. With the success of our original base across in the USA (www.stemflights.org) a discussion with UK based pilot Jonny Short (STEMFlyer), led to discussions about replicating a European version of the successful US initiative in the UK.

Using a group of pilots and aviation professionals dedicated to STEM and aviation education, our mission is to break down the common social stigmas associated with joining the aviation sector and highlight the clear career pathways that are available to children and young adults regardless of background into a STEM related career through our exclusive cockpit experience.

David Brubaker

“We need to identify the talented and motivated students.  Give them a comprehensive ‘mission experience’ – and help jump start their STEM or Pilot careers.  Our focus should not be on quantity of students, but on the quality.  Lets fill the void of a sample flight with a customized event”.  

President/Founder of Stemflights.org & Co-Founder STEM Flights-UK

Jonny Short

“ The problem we are facing is that the demand for STEM professionals, especially here in the UK is outpacing the supply. This is forcing UK employers to look towards outsourcing from alternative sources such as overseas because secondary schools and higher education facilities have too few graduates in STEM fields to deal with the demand. By introducing the next generation to our ‘mission’ topics out of the classroom and in a fun flying environment can only help guide them into a STEM role”.  

Co-Founder STEM Flights-UK

Carley Walker

Passion for STEM, Aviation and youth.  

Director of Development